Sometimes ideas pop into ones head without warning. Best to write them down quickly before they fly away.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mark B Hill Art: Sisyphus

Ever wonder when it was time to quite an activity.... ask what the point of the struggle is all about?

Mark B Hill Art: Sisyphus: I remember seeing this animated short on public television. Given the date it was made, I would have been about 12 or 13. It obviousl...

Tommy Kane's Art Blog: Tattoo Artistry

This video is a bit dark in the emotional sense so watch with the knowledge that you can stop watching if you are a bit squeamish or object to the subject matter. I have to admit that the tatoo style of drawing really appeals to me. Not all tatoo work is as dark as this. The video itself was very well pun indended.

Tommy Kane's Art Blog: Tattoo Artistry: I have a cousin named Justin Klein. Turns out the guy is an amazing artist. He contacted me out of the blue recently and suggested we coll...

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Okay......I don't usually play with the hue and saturation features in Photoshop to this extent but flowers are so graphical that they hold up well and become more ethereal..or at least a step or two out of the boundary of reality.